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One week travel itinerary for the Isles of Scilly

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

There are many different things to do on The Isles of Scilly, and if you've been before, you'll have an idea of what you'd like to do. However, for first-time visitors, this Itinerary will allow you to see everything the island offers in just one week.

Day 1

Arrive via plane or boat and drop your bags at your accommodation.

Take the afternoon to wander around St Mary's and get your bearings. Enjoy lunch with a view in one of our many restaurants, or even get a takeaway pasty to enjoy on the beach.

Pop down to the quay to purchase some boat tickets for the week. This will ensure you miss the morning rush before boarding your boat. Check the daily boat times in town, as they will be similar to the following day.

Visit one of our supermarkets (Co-operative, The Store or Old Town Stores) to stock up on weekly groceries. You can either click and collect, arrange delivery or pop in to get everything you need for the duration of your stay. If you have booked accommodation with Scilly Escapes, we'll organise this prior to your arrival.

In the evening, I recommend fish & chips from The Galley or a simple pub dinner before heading back to your accommodation to prepare for an adventurous second day.

Day 2

Head to the quay at around 10 am and pop on a boat to Tresco Island. (You'll find the daily boating times posted on the St Mary's Boatmens Association Facebook each morning or written on the board at The Atlantic slip).

Once you arrive at Tresco, depending on which quay you get dropped to, we'd recommend heading straight for The Tresco Gardens. Here you can walk around the stunning Gardens and enjoy a cup of tea in the Garden Cafe.

After the gardens, spend the day either walking up to Cromwells Castle, relaxing on the beach or enjoying one of the many swimming pools on the island.

In the afternoon, you can browse the Tresco stores and enjoy a pint in the sunshine outside The New Inn before catching the boat back to St Mary's.

Once on St Mary's, enjoy a meal at one of the many available restaurants and take a sunset walk along Town Beach.

Day 3

Another day another island. Head to the quay around 10 am to catch the boat to St Martin's. This island is just a paradise with long sandy beaches. We'd recommend a stroll along them on arrival, trying to find cowries on the St Martins flats whilst the tides are out.

Enjoy lunch with one of the most stunning views on The Isles of Scilly at The Sevenstones Inn.

No trip to St Martin's is complete without a visit to Middletown Barn to see the offerings of the local Makers and to Fay Page for the most stunning island-inspired jewellery.

In the afternoon, wander down to Karma St Martins to enjoy an afternoon tea or even a cocktail in the sunshine before heading back to St Mary's.

Enjoy another one of St Mary's many eateries in the evening - or even a Thai takeaway.

Day 4

Enjoy a day on St Mary's, walking the coastline and visiting the various coffee shops en route. You can walk the coast path in around 5 hours or choose from many smaller coastal walks.

If walking the entire coast, we recommend popping into Carn Vean for lunch by Pelistry Bay and Juliets on your way back for an afternoon drink with a view.

In the evening, we'd recommend an early or a late dinner so you can enjoy the local Gig Racing (Wednesdays & Fridays). You can watch from the quay or hop on a tripper boat to watch the race close up.

Day 5

Time to head off boating again. This time Bryher is calling. This little island is a hub of activity with lots to do.

You can walk the coast, spend the day on the beach with various watersports or even play mini golf.

We'd recommend lunch at Hellbay Hotel for a spot of lunch. Enjoy the rustic walk to the Fraggle Rock in the afternoon for a drink before heading back to St Mary's.

In the evening, pick one of our many beaches for a little beach barbecue.

Day 6

I'm sure by now you're ready for a chilled beach day. Head to Porthcressa and grab a spot for the day.

Enjoy lunch at the close by Dibble & Grub with an afternoon sea swim or paddle board.

In the evening you can hop on a supper boat to St Agnes. The Turks Head is another great pub with a view; we recommend the local fish and chips.

Take a little sunset stroll before heading back to St Mary's at around 9 pm.

Day 7

It's sadly time to pack up your bags and pop out to enjoy your last day on our little island.

Pop into town and hit up all our independent local shops for all your gifting needs. We'd recommend Made on Scilly, which is filled with local handmade artisan gifts, The Foredeck for your Scilly Sweat and try and grab some Tattie cake on Church Street.

After all this, you'll be sure to sleep on the way home, but you'll be left with the most magical memories.

If you're ready to experience this beautiful week on our islands, get in touch with us to book your holiday accommodation in the Isles of Scilly.

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