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Visiting Scilly in Summer

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Summer on Scilly Isles can make you think you're in the Caribbean. With some of the most amazing beaches in the UK, this tropical destination is right on your doorstep, and we're here to help you find the perfect island properties on Scilly for your stay.

Spend your days boating and exploring the islands and your evenings watching amazing sunsets and star gazing.

There are few events during the summer as the islands themselves are bursting with activities and things to do.

Island Hopping

The favourite thing for visitors to do in Summer is island hop to all their beloved islands.

Tresco hosts the incredible Abbey Gardens, where you can browse plants & flowers from all over the world. They flourish here on the islands during the Summer months. Follow your stroll with an incredible lunch at The Ruin Cafe overlooking the beach with waterspouts nearby. Finish the day with an afternoon tipple at The New Inn before getting a tripper boat back to St Mary's.

A day on Bryher includes a walk around the island with a pitstop on the beach for a sea swim. Enjoy lunch at Hellbay Hotel or Fraggle Rock and even play a round of mini golf.

St Agnes boasts the most rustic scenery, so it's one to explore. Once you've walked around this island, the Coastguards Cafe is a great pitstop on the return. At the boat pick up/drop off, you'll find the most scenic pub on the islands - The Turks Head.

St Martins may be one of the best islands on Scilly. Great Bay is the longest beach on the islands and is the place to relax in the sunshine. St Martins is home to many little eateries, with the best lunch view being Sevenstones Inn.

If you're staying on an off-island and fancy visiting St Mary's, you'll be spoilt for choice. You can walk, eat, visit various beaches, explore galleries, and even rent a golf cart to explore the island!


St Mary's Boatmen association runs daily excursions to both the inhabited and uninhabited islands. You can spend the day on Samson - our largest uninhabited island. Take a picnic and swim in the crystal clear water surrounding it.

You can also do a wildlife excursion to visit our seal sanctuary and any puffins that may still be around from Spring.

If you like the idea of visiting the seals, you can go one step further and swim with them with Scilly Seal Snorkelling.


If you're looking for family-friendly fun, you can visit The Sailing Centre on Porthmellon beach. Here you can rent kayaks, paddle boards and sailing boats.

If you'd like to experience watersports on the off-islands, you can rent kayaks and paddle boards on Tresco, Bryher & St Martins.

If you fancy a little snorkel and swim, you can rent snorkels and masks along with lots of beach things from us via our booking extras -


Every island comes alive with makers and creatives during the summer. All the galleries and small businesses are open and ready for your custom. You can see makers in work at Ratbags and visit honesty shops like Made on Scilly on St Mary's and Middletown Barn on St Martins. All your gifts can be locally sourced, which can be rare in the current climate.

Gig Rowing

Gig Rowing is everywhere in the summer months. You'll see people out practising daily, and the local gig club even do novice sessions where you could give it a go yourself.

The women's racing is on a Wednesday and the men's on a Friday. You can take a tripper boat out to watch the race - get ready to get competitive!


If you don't fancy dining out but don't want to stay in, you can spend the evening barbecuing on the beach - make sure to clean up after yourself and ensure hot coals aren't left on the beach.

The local takeaways are set up on Porthcressa and the surrounding areas - we can highly recommend the local fish & chips from The Galley.

A weather-dependent weekly Pimms & Prosecco pops up on Porthcressa, where you can get your summer tipple to enjoy the evening sunshine.

Take a walk to the Garrison to watch the incredible sunset. If you're lucky, you may even see the green flash!

To conclude, summer in Scilly is incredible. June, July & August see the island flourish with people, which is as busy as the islands get. If you enjoy that holiday buzz, then this is the time to come.

Remember to check out our beautiful accommodation in the Isles of Scilly - there's sure to be something that suits your travel requirements for the Summer months in Scilly.

We hope that we've provided all you need to know about visiting the Isles of Scilly in Summer, but if not, please feel free to get in touch with Scilly Escapes or leave your question in the comments section below.

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