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The Best Beaches in Scilly: A guide to the islands’ hidden gems

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The Best Beaches in Scilly: A guide to the islands' hidden gems

The Isles of Scilly are surrounded by white sand and crystal-clear water. It is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the UK and will be a highlight of your stay on the islands.

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Hat and a pair of sandals resting on the sandy shore
Hat and a pair of sandals resting on the sandy shore

St Mary's Beaches

St Mary's is fortunate to have beaches surrounding the entire island. Our favourites are as follows;

Pelistry Bay

Pelistry Bay is located on the Easter Coast of the island. The beach is usually tranquil, making it the perfect day to spend. Tolls island is adjoined and can be visited during the low tide. Carn Vean cafe is ideally located within a 5-minute walk from Pelistry; this little cafe is the ideal spot to visit when spending the day at Pelistry.

Bar Point

Bar Point is located on the island's Northern Coast with panoramic views of Samson, Bryher, Tresco and St Martins. This vast beach is another deserted find with turquoise water. It's the perfect hideaway for a quiet day on Scilly. Between here and Pelistry Bay, you can usually spot an inquisitive seal or two!

Porthcressa Beach

Located in the heart of Hugh Town, Porthcressa Beach is the perfect family beach on a sunny day. With all the local amenities close by, this beach enjoys a buzzing atmosphere while not too overcrowded. Porthcressa Beach isn't dog friendly. However, the adjoining Little Porth is perfect for your fluffy friends to stretch their legs.

St Martins Beaches

Great Bay

Voted the best beach in the UK, Great Bay is a must-visit on the islands. This large expanse of golden sand is both scenic and rugged. Located on the north side of St Martins, this untouched beach is an ideal place to spend the day sea swimming. We'd recommend cowrie hunting on the low tide, and St Martins is the place to find them!

Higher Town Bay

Higher Town Bay is located next to Higher Town Quay. With St Martins Watersport working from this beach, you can enjoy the day on the water and watch the daily tripper boats come in and out. Within a 5 minutes walk from Little Arthur and St Martins Vineyard, this side of the island shouldn't be missed.

Lower Town Bay

Another gem on this beautiful island. Lower Town Bay is another great swimming and relaxing location. With Karma Hotel adjoining and Sevenstones Inn above, it's the perfect place to base yourself for the day. Again another perfect beach for cowrie hunting.

Tresco Beaches

Pentle Bay

Located on the Eastern Coast of Tresco, this beach has been mentioned in the media as one of the best beaches in the UK, and we don't disagree! This quiet beach is on a secluded side of the island, making it an excellent beach to hide away for the day. Even in the height of summer, you might have the beach to yourself.

Appletree Bay

Over half a mile of soft, white sand and clear blue water is what you'll find at Appletree Bay. As the sea covers the Tresco flats, this calm, sheltered, fairly shallow water is the perfect family beach. This stunning beach is off the beaten track and out of the way of the crowds. Quiet and secluded with views of Bryher and Samson, relaxing here with a book is recommended.

Bryher Beaches

Rushy Bay

This small sandy beach is one of Bryher's best places to visit. Located on the island's southern side of the island it's sheltered and quaint, unlike many Scilly beaches. You can nestle in for the day, enjoying the white sand and refreshing sea.

St Agnes

Cove Vean

This hidden cove is one of the best beaches on St Agnes. Sheltered on the Eastern side of the island, this sandy spot tends to be one of the quietest on Scilly. Perfect for swimming, snorkelling and an afternoon in the sun.

The Isles of Scilly are a hidden gem, and we offer beautiful island properties in Scilly - we hope you enjoy your visit island hopping and beach wandering.

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